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About Rotary Lobe Pumps [2012-07-04]

LobePro manufactures 4 lines of good displacement rotary lobe pumps with output to 1600 gpm and 175 psi: G-series- standard Use; S-Series- Sludge, Mud, and Slurries; C-Series- Corrosives & Chemicals; and API-Series- essential oil and gasoline Industry.

LobePro’s rotary lobe pumps are ordinarily utilized to pump sludge to and from thickeners, separators (such as belt presses, centrifuges, and rotary presses), digesters, and clarifiers. They are really appropriate for pumping any wastewater treatment plant sludge after challenging solids much more than 1/8” and grit are removed. LobePro can provide an in-line grinder, filter or knock-out tank to cut back challenging solids bigger than 1/8″ if necessary.

LobePro pumps are also utilized in essential oil and gasoline applications: pumping drilling fluid, feeding decanting centrifuges, booster pumps in pipelines for essential oil that contains abrasives and spend oil, and pumping jet fuel and diesel from tanks requiring a suction lift. The API-Series pump complies with API 676 using a seal exception. LobePro manufactures an essential oil lubricated cartridge seal which could be extended lasting, leak free, and verified in lots of harsh applications.

The company’s purpose can be to provide merchandise which reduce our customers’ complete fees when in comparison with other alternatives. These cost savings are achieved by means of merchandise reliability, vitality efficiency, go with on element durability, app engineering and training, and caring management. LobePro has produced many an enormous quantity of pumps contemplating how the parent business was founded in 1978.

When consulting engineers’ and facility operators start to plan an upgrade for their sewage treatment factories most are contemplating 4 principal pumps: Plunger pump technology, rotary lobe pumps, progressive cavity and double disc pumps.

Throughout the previous three many years Wastecorp’s Municipal wastewater evaluation and advancement clubs collaborated with treatment plant operators over a host of plunger pump design upgrades to deal with the altering specifications of amenities on the way forward through the subsequent decade. we are excited to show you some in the brand new plunger pumps that will start to problem principal treatment shift pumps through the many years ahead.