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Homogeneous & Emulsification Pump

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Homogeneous & Emulsification pump are multi-purpose compound & emulsifier equipment with advanced technology. Its professional technic and manufacture precision is leading international similar product. Homogeneous emulsion pump is an efficient type product with mix, dispersion, breaking, dissolution, refinery, homogenization, emulsifying. The main parts are stators and rotors. At the centrifugal and fluid forces created by the rapid turning of the rotors, the stators exercise on the materials strong power shearing, centrifugal pressing, breaking, fluid friction, turbulent homogenizing and the solid, fluid and volatile medium are quickly refined, homogenized, disaggregated and emulsified. The repeat of this process can result in stable and high-quality products.
These serial products can greatly simplify the traditional production processes, upgrade the production efficiency and product quality. They are widely used in petrochemical industry, refinery chemistry, consumer chemicals, biology pharmaceutics, foods processing, papermaking, environmental protection, paint and so on.
The applications: Refined chemistry, Petrochemistry, Biology & pharmaceuticals, Paint & ink, Farm chemicals , Nanometer materials, Foodstuff industry, Consumer chemistry, Paper making.