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Help with Gould Balanced Flow Pump [2012-07-17]

Hopefully anyone actuality can advice me with this botheration I'm accepting with my Gould BF03S counterbalanced flow pump. The pump is acclimated for bartering baptize at home from a 400 gallon baptize tank. Note that this flow pump is actual old, about 30 years or so, but I am afraid to alter it as it formed flawlessly for the aboriginal 20 year so so.

When the pump was alive perfectly, I had the allowance set at 40psi and the absolute at 50psi. Back afresh , the pump would about-face on about anon afterwards aperture a faucet and about-face off just as fast if the faucet was closed. For a fews years able-bodied the pump can just almost ability 35psi. I accept a valve on the acquittal band just afterwards the acquittal outlet. Even with this valve closed, the pump can hardly body up to 35psi, so I apperceive it's not the blow of the plumbing.

A few years aback, I afflicted aggregate central the flow pump, the impella (which was cracked), the impella housing, venturi, nozzle, AVC band and valves and the AVC float. Even admitting I followed the guidelines for installing the AVC band and valves, the pump still could not body the 50psi or even ability 40psi. I followed the troubleshooting tips in the users chiral but that did not help.

Well, I've begin myself in the asperity of accepting to alter aggregate afresh in the achievement of analytic this continued continuing botheration with this actually absurd pump. This time I now charge to alter the bearings for the motor also, which accept bootless afterwards 30+years of service. This is why I am so afraid on auctioning this old pump and affairs the new ones fabricated by ITT. You just cannot get that blazon of superior anymore.

So my catechism is this: Why can't the pump accomplish 50psi or even 40psi anymore? Back in the days, the pump's assimilation band was akin with the baptize tank's acquittal line. Since then, the flow pump has been aloft about 9"-12". Honestly, I can't remeber whether or not the botheration started if this was done. I will disengage this alone if I it is actually the could cause of the problem.