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DURREX Rotary lobe pump is positive displacement pump developed after decades of research and design. Then manufacturing technique and accuracy has come up to the world advanced level.
In order to ensure products accuracy of manufacture, all key spare parts are processed by numerical control equipment. Each pump has gone through the quality inspection and performance test before coming to market.
The applications of rotary lobe pump:
Rotary Lobe PumpConsumer chemicals: AES, LAS, AOS, K12, glycerol, sorbitol, bathing shampoo, skin cream, shampoo, detergent liquid, toothpast soap..etc.
Refined chemicals: dyestuffs, pigments, all kinds of pulp, chemical additives, adhesives, silicone oil, etc.
Foods: chocolate, concentrated milk, yoghourt, honey, syrup, cane sugar, tomato juice, jam, ice cream, milk, meat slurry, etc.
Paper making: polyacrylamide, calcium carbonate, starch paste, carboxyl starch paste, rosin, paper pulp, filling, dry strength agent, etc.
Chemical fiber: pectic slurry, PVA, vinylon slurry, acrylic slurry, ammonia slurry, terylene, etc
Pharmaceuticals: ointments, extractum, medicine latex, pill paste, healthcare products, drugs,etc.
Coating: paint, dope, printing ink, insulating paint, resin, additives and assistants, organic solvent, etc.