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DHM Powder & Liquid Blender Pump

  • Product Name:  DHM Powder & Liquid Blender Pump
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  standard export wooden case
  • Brand Name:  Durrex
  • Delivery Time:  35days
  • Minimum Order:  1pcs
  • Supply Ability:  3500pcs/year
  • Quality System Certification:  ISO9001:2008; FDA; CE
  • Product Details:  DHM Powder & Liquid Blender Pump

Product Introduce:
DHM powder & liquid blender is new style mixing equipment for self-suction powder and liquid with hydrokinetics, its consist of blender and compound homogeneous pump. According to customer requirement of manufacture technics, fluidics mixing technical and self-suction technical can be used. The original powder and liquid can be compounded and homogenized momentary with stated rate in this system. This blender has two installation type: vertical and horizontal.

These series products can greatly simplify the traditional production process and upgrade the production effiency and product quality, and its more effectively to control powder pollution.

Applications Areas:
Refined Chemicals:
Dyestuffs, pigments, all kinds of pulp, chemical additives, adhesives, silicone oil, leather oil, a variety of colloidal materials, etc.
Lubricant, heavy oil emulsion, diesel oil emulsion, modified asphalt, catalyzer, wax emulsion, etc.
Biology & pharmaceuticals:
Injection, antibiotic, medical emulsion, medical paste, health product, mini-capsule emulsion, cell breakers, etc.
Painting & ink:
Printing ink, paint, emulsion paint, building coating, nanometer coating, photocureable coating, coating auxiliaries, carbon black disperse, print ink, glaze, bentonite, etc.
Pesticide, hebicide, medicine butter, fertilizer, pesticide adjuvant, etc.
Nanometer materials:
Disperse and disaggregation for nanometer medium, etc.
Juice, jam, ice-cream, milk product, food addictive, tea drink, chocolate, bean milk, essence, milk, etc.
Paper Making:
pulp, filling, dry strength agent, wet strength agent, sizing agent, filter agent, antifoaming agent, spreading, water treatment chemicals, tec.

Technical parameters:

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